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Style Anatomy: Henna Asad

Published: October 3, 2017

Stylish mommy of two, Henna Asad spills her style secrets. From the silhouettes she avoids to the styles she likes to experiment with, she tells us all

Understanding your body is the key to looking good and a trait found amongst all impeccably dressed fashionistas. While people shy away from talking about their bodies, these brave souls explain how they work their anatomies to their advantage

How would you describe your body type?

I would describe my body as skinny to naturally thin.

Has your body type changed over the last five years?

Yes, my body did change after my second daughter even though I still fit into the same jean size. But your body shape definitely changes after children. However, I strongly believe you can get back to your old shape if you eat right and have an active lifestyle.

How has your style changed over the years?

I always used to stick to classics when it comes to style but lately I have started trying different colours and cuts and I am kind of enjoying it. But I would rather go for solid colours than prints any day.

In your opinion what is your most troublesome area?

In my opinion, my most troublesome area has to be my arms. I strongly feel I have more flesh there even after working out.

How do you dress your body according to your body type?

I think the key is to know your proportions. If I am wearing a fitted top I would not mind a puffy short skirt, shorts or high-waisted pants. Otherwise, I would go with straight cuts; I simply love it.

In your opinion what is the biggest mistake a person can make while dressing here?

The biggest mistake people make is that most of the time they don’t see their body shape and just go with what is trending, which in my opinion is wrong.

Which silhouettes suit your body the most?

I think nice fitted dresses, long or short, would complement my body type.

What is the one piece of clothing that you shy away from wearing and why?

I think I have been quite experimental and tried quite a few kind of cuts and styles so I don’t think there is any that I shy away from.

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