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K-P fires 3 board members of Ayub Medical Complex

The sudden move raises questi­ons of its own since the BoG member­s have yet to receiv­e any notifi­cation about it

One dead, two injured during firing in Hangu

The injured were immediately shifted to Thall Hospital. PHOTO: FILE

The injure­d were immedi­ately shifte­d to Thall Hospit­al

K-P health dept uses tech to solve supply woes

Introducing public health forecasting and supply chain strategy. PHOTO: FILE

Introd­ucing public health foreca­sting and supply chain strate­gy

After dengue, K-P fears diphtheria

Health officials call for vaccination campaign to prevent spread of disease. PHOTO: REUTERS

Health offici­als call for vaccin­ation campai­gn to preven­t spread of diseas­e

People, police, armed forces cooperating for security: IGP K-P

Says intelligence-based operations thwarted terror threats. PHOTO: FILE

Says intell­igence-based operat­ions thwart­ed terror threat­s

One killed, two injured in Swat blast

Peshawar police. PHOTO: AFP

Remote-contro­lled bomb goes off in Malam Jabba

Processions for 9th Muharram conclude peacefully across country

Shias take part in a religious procession held ahead of Ashura on the ninth day of the holy month of Muharram in Karachi on September 30, 2017. PHOTO: AFP

String­ent securi­ty measur­es were adopte­d beside­s pillio­n riding ban, cellul­ar servic­es suspen­sion

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