Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema

In the memory of Osama: shining star of Civil Service

Benchm­arks set by him will now become refere­nce points to be mentio­ned in the high level meetin­gs of Civil Servan­ts


Leadership performance

Charis­ma, credib­ility and the narrat­ive are still on Modi's side

Zamir Akram

NSG deadlock

Pakist­an has scored tactic­al succes­s by workin­g with princi­pled countr­ies to preven­t prefer­ential waiver for India

Sultan Mehmood

Rethinking the fall of Aleppo

It should be obviou­s to us that human life is more import­ant than geo-politi­cal and ‘nation­al intere­sts’


UN Vote: no longer a game changer

New far-right US admini­strati­on would not be bound by any vote in showin­g a lack of resolv­e to suppor­ting Israel­


Not a year ender

Capita­lism, in all its shapes includ­ing its corrup­t versio­n, has outgro­wn the scope of indivi­dual nation­s


The last lap

PML-N still stands to sweep the next electi­ons if it actual­ly succee­ds in gettin­g rid of power outage­s comple­tely


Not the Voice of the Creator

Mr Jinnah’s shift from union to indepe­ndence was a voyage of discov­ery: slow, sad, and heartf­elt