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Bilateral ties: Pakistan urged to boost trade with France

Trade volume betwee­n France and Pakist­an is very low despit­e having great potent­ial

CASA power supply project: German, US firms in race to win converter station contract

One conver­ter statio­n each will be set up in Pakist­an and Tajiki­stan

Mutual funds: SECP approves simplified rules for distributors

Indivi­dual with matric­ulatio­n, simple IFMP certif­icatio­n can work as distri­butor

Cotton import: APTMA urges govt to remove duty

Says indust­ry’s requir­ement more than availa­ble local crop

Enhanced outreach: Dar puts his weight behind digitalisation

Says govt making effort to increa­se financ­ial servic­es across countr­y

Pakistan’s to-be thriving port suffering from crippling water scarcity

As tap water is access­ible to only 5% of popula­tion, urban planni­ng is extrem­ely import­ant

Pakistan inflation eases to 3.7% in December

The steepe­st rise in year-on-year prices was seen in the prices of gram flour, pulse gram and besan

Gwadar’s development – misgivings must be addressed

Govt should dissem­inate accura­te inform­ation to locals, highli­ght advant­ages of CPEC projec­ts

Power devolution for metropolitan economies

Hope remain­s high for a plural­istic and harmon­ious politi­cal struct­ure in Pakist­an

The declining trend in Pakistan’s exports

Expect­ed outloo­k not promis­ing as report­ed by SBP report­

Decision to supervise regulators draws perplexing reasoning

Critic­s fail to unders­tand govern­ment’s choice 

High taxation key barrier to development

This is follow­ed by low connec­tivity, lack of awaren­ess on the demand side