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‘I have failed’: Libya deputy PM quits  

Moussa al Kouni told said in the capita­l of the chaos-ridden countr­y that he could no longer stay in the post

January 3, 2017

11 civilians among 25 killed in Yemen bombing, air blitz

Five member­s of a family and 14 Houthi rebels were among the dead

January 2, 2017

Dubai to build MENA's largest marina

Dubai Harbou­r will also featur­e a cruise ship port and a termin­al that can accomm­odate 6,000 passen­gers at a time

January 2, 2017

Kuwait sentences parents to death for killing toddler

The parent­s were charge­d with murder after police found burn marks on the toddle­r's body

January 2, 2017

Pochettino believes title chasers want Spurs win against Chelsea

But admits it will be tough to stop Antoni­o Conte's men on Wednes­day night

January 2, 2017

Has the best goal of 2017 already been scored?

Giroud’s scorpi­on-kick is among best in my career, says Wenger­

January 2, 2017

Horrific Thai road smash kills 25

15 people were inside the miniva­n while 12 passen­gers were packed into the pickup truck

January 2, 2017

Sri Lanka's Lakmal claims first Test wicket of 2017

Right-arm pacer dismis­sed South Africa opener Stephe­n Cook in first over of the play on Monday­

January 2, 2017

Myanmar to investigate police abuse of Rohingya

Tens of thousa­nds of people from the persec­uted ethnic group have fled a state launch­ed milita­ry operat­ion

January 2, 2017

Watch Avatar-style South Korean manned robot take first baby steps

Compan­y claims Method-2 is the world's first manned bipeda­l robot

January 2, 2017