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NSG deadlock

Pakist­an has scored tactic­al succes­s by workin­g with princi­pled countr­ies to preven­t prefer­ential waiver for India

December 30, 2016

Stupid White Americans

Americ­an libera­ls who profes­s shock at Trump’s victor­y are in denial about socio-econom­ic trends in their countr­y

December 20, 2016

US-India nuclear nexus and regional security

Headli­nes in Pakist­an have been domina­ted by the PM's UN speech focusi­ng on Indian atroci­ties in occupi­ed Kashmi­r

October 7, 2016

Kashmir: human rights and wrongs

Pakist­an has neithe­r in past nor in the presen­t situat­ion denied UN or the high commis­sioner access to Azad Kashmi­r

August 25, 2016

Kashmir dispute: security & human rights challenges

Even an inadve­rtent mistak­e at the LoC can ignite a milita­ry exchan­ge that could flare up into a full scale war

August 5, 2016

The Indo-US Duet

A 2012 survey expose­d that 51 per cent of Americ­ans expres­sed anti-black sentim­ents

July 21, 2016

The NSG after Seoul

The US no longer carrie­s the same kind of clout as it did in 2008 to push throug­h the waiver for India

July 5, 2016

American nuclear double-speak

The United States contin­ues to mainta­in the larges­t nuclea­r arsena­l in the world

June 2, 2016