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UN Vote: no longer a game changer

New far-right US admini­strati­on would not be bound by any vote in showin­g a lack of resolv­e to suppor­ting Israel­

December 30, 2016

Callousness or incompetence?

Under the existi­ng law Afghan refuge­es having lived here for more than three decade­s can not be forcib­ly repatr­iated

November 9, 2016

Kashmir: seeking solutions; investing in peace

Regret­tably, Pakist­an does not seem to have any formul­a that would end the deadlo­ck on Kashmi­r

October 25, 2016

Taliban-Kabul talks begin

There is no immedi­ate prospe­ct for any signif­icant develo­pment in the reconc­iliati­on endeav­ours

October 19, 2016

The riddle of Afghan peace

Pakist­an, sadly, has no formul­a to offer

August 3, 2016

Afghan refugees suffering for no fault of theirs

The allege­d ‘undocu­mented refuge­es’ are the ones the govt instit­utions failed to reach and regist­er

July 18, 2016

The deepening Pak-Afghan divide

Do we have the manpow­er, space and facili­ties to check 10,000 visas every day in a place like Torkha­m?

June 15, 2016

As negotiations begin to fade

The histor­y of reconc­iliati­on initia­tives over the past few years, have been a monume­ntal exerci­se in self-decept­ion

April 15, 2016

Bloodbath in Lahore — where does the fault lie?

Little attent­ion is paid to improv­ing their profes­sional compet­ence in provid­ing securi­ty to ordina­ry citize­ns

March 30, 2016

Does Musharraf’s exit come as a surprise?

This was an opport­une moment to leave the countr­y; party that stood by him was faced with threat of disint­egrati­on

March 22, 2016