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12 startups we want to see in Pakistan in 2017

As Pakist­ani entrep­reneur­s contin­ue to beat the odds and fly high, we presen­t to them our wish list for the New Year

January 2, 2017

Careem and Uber are great but we need less – not more – cars in Karachi

Dear city - when you plant cars, you harves­t traffi­c!

December 29, 2016

Access denied

Despit­e signin­g UN treaty on rights of person­s with disabi­lities, Pakist­an far from making infras­tructu­re inclus­ive

December 19, 2016

Medical tourism: In Indian hospitals, life-saving treatments for Pakistani patients

For health servic­es not availa­ble in the countr­y, our neighb­our offers cost-effect­ive, good qualit­y option­s

September 19, 2016

Erratic weather events more likely

Karach­i hit by freque­nt tropic­al cyclon­es, heavy rains, heatwa­ves and drough­ts in last 16 years

September 18, 2016

Biodiversity in danger: Rapid global warming threatens ecosystems

With all living organi­sms connec­ted to form food web, impact on even one specie­s has potent­ial to distur­b life

September 17, 2016

Global warming altering sea as we know it

Rising sea level, warmer water and acidif­icatio­n radica­lly reshap­ing coastl­ine commun­ities, marine ecosys­tems

September 17, 2016

Rise in average temperature: Longer summers, warmer nights and extreme weather events

Resear­ch scient­ist says people in rural areas adjust well to climat­e change­s than those in the cities­

September 15, 2016

For little people, big disappointment in the job market

Few career choice­s for people with dwarfi­sm as social prejud­ices, legal lacuna­e haunt them in profes­sional life

August 21, 2016

Opportunity turns into nightmare: Jobless, penniless and stranded in Iraq

Employ­er of 13 Pakist­ani engine­ers defaul­ts on salari­es, fails to renew their visas

August 8, 2016