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Telling different tales

In my opinio­n, journa­lists are gradua­lly becomi­ng the victim­s of their own work

October 3, 2017

Thank you, Syedna

In many ways, the event of Dawood­i Bohra commun­ity in Karach­i, is as import­ant as the visit of World Eleven to Lahore­

September 25, 2017

Cops vs robbers

Many argue that the proble­m lies with the fact that almost no locals are employ­ed in Karach­i’s police force

September 18, 2017

RIP Gauri Lankesh

It was not just her paper that rankle­d many, it was her ideas

September 11, 2017

Genocide and beyond

The year 2015 was the year of hope in Myanma­r

September 5, 2017

The population bomb

Despit­e all the other issues that we face, the bigges­t issue for us remain­s popula­tion

August 28, 2017

Changing with the times?

This ex-editor lives on a diet of Kenric­k Lamar songs for inspir­ation

August 21, 2017

Seventy — and surviving

Sevent­y years have passed and we still are not sure what kind of govern­ment we want

August 14, 2017

Big fat cabinet

When parlia­ment should have demand­ed an explan­ation, all discus­sion center­ed on Ayesha Gulala­i and her allega­tions

August 7, 2017

Media misdemeanors

We are taught in journa­lism that we are bystan­ders not partic­ipants­

July 31, 2017