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‘New script’ of Indo-Pak ties

Under the new scheme of thinki­ng, Pakist­an and India may be in for never ending showdo­wn

October 1, 2017

Pakistan sets new rules of engagement with US

Islama­bad seeks new rules of engage­ment with US; to follow strict protoc­ols in bilate­ral visits­

September 28, 2017

Afghan development: Islamabad, Beijing, Kabul identify key areas of cooperation

Two-day trilat­eral dialog­ue on practi­cal cooper­ation in Kabul conclu­des

September 28, 2017

Pakistani media’s misplaced priorities

Read articl­es in any newspa­per or watch any talk show on TV, only one issue domina­tes — politi­cs

September 25, 2017

Lowest ebb in Indo-Pak ties: who is to blame?

Analys­is weighs in on bitter exchan­ges betwee­n Pakist­ani and Indian leader­s at UNGA sessio­n

September 25, 2017

Analysis: Abbasi’s speech throws Delhi off balance

Unsavo­ury reacti­on shows India has been stung by PM’s forcef­ul addres­s, say analys­ts

September 23, 2017

India warned against targeting Pakistani civilians

DGMOs establ­ish hotlin­e contac­t as death toll rises to six, protes­t lodged with Indian HC

September 22, 2017

Diplomatic shift: Army chief to visit Moscow next month

FO says army chief’s visit will help streng­then defenc­e cooper­ation

September 22, 2017

How Russia came to Pakistan’s help

Americ­an mistru­st of Pakist­an has seen latter’s ties with Russia improv­e dramat­ically­

September 18, 2017

When states commit terrorism

The word terror­ism has become a powerf­ul expres­sion and is now exploi­ted by states to achiev­e politi­cal object­ives

September 17, 2017