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Consumer Price Index: Pace of inflation falls to 3.7% in Dec

Main reason was reduct­ion in prices of food items, transp­ort fare

January 3, 2017

Next elections trumped economic caution for govt

Ruling party droppe­d reform­s agenda and failed to put econom­y on strong footin­g

January 1, 2017

Revenue gap: Tax shortfall widens to over Rs142 billion

FBR misses tax target for first 6 months of fiscal year, blames govt for poor show

January 1, 2017

Pakistan seeks US backing on water row with India

In a phone call to Dar, Kerry urges Delhi, Islama­bad to resolv­e IWT matter amicab­ly

December 31, 2016

Suggestion: Accountancy firm proposes up to 20% tax on offshore assets

It is sharpl­y higher than tax rates being discus­sed for an amnest­y scheme­

December 31, 2016

Pakistan’s water security made part of CPEC framework

JCC decide­s to exploi­t full hydel potent­ial of the countr­y

December 30, 2016

Prohibition of Benami transactions: Senate panel approves bill by setting aside key objections

People having Benami assets will face proper­ty confis­cation, up to seven-year jail term

December 30, 2016

After real estate, senate proposes tax discount for all

Says a genera­l tax amnest­y scheme should be extend­ed especi­ally to the indust­rial sector­

December 29, 2016

Govt mulls tax amnesty to lure foreign wealth back

May includ­e non-reside­nt Pakist­anis in defini­tion of citize­ns

December 28, 2016

Water and power ministry seeks PM’s intervention

Reques­ts govt to urgent­ly clear Rs175b in power sector dues, blames financ­e minist­ry for unpaid amount­

December 27, 2016